Give Me More Time To Focus On The Business

Give Me More Time to Focus on The Business

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Give Me More Time to Focus on The Business
Give Me More Time To Focus On The Business (1)
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Many clients come to us in this phase because they’re stuck. Some clients are ready to scale, but something is stopping them. Other clients are inhibited by limited cash flow or are weighed down by inefficient systems.

In this phase, we want to help give you more time to work on your business, not in your business.

Our tactics in this phase aim to:

  • Free up your time,
  • Boost productivity,
  • Protect your business assets,
  • Future-proof your business,
  • Refine your processes,
  • Revisit your business structuring,
  • Increase revenue, and
  • Help you invest in the right staff, tools and technologies.

Common roadblocks we see our clients experiencing are things like:

  • A lack of time; business owners are stuck doing day-to-day work and don’t have time to manage the business from a higher level.
  • Poor cash flow; insufficient cash flow hinders progress.
  • No clearly defined objectives; businesses have set unrealistic targets or simply aren’t sure how to achieve their current objectives.
  • Poor business structure; this makes it difficult for business owners to plan for the future.
  • Poor visibility; owners or key decision-makers have poor communication systems of inadequate tools that would normally assist them in making decisions. This delays or inhibits progress, slowing business growth.
  • A lack of processes; this slows down productivity and inhibits growth.
  • Inefficient software or tools; slow adoption (or no adoption) of tools, systems, and software can waste business funds and delay productivity. It can often be a source of frustration for staff members.

We work on identifying these roadblocks from the very beginning so we can start making both immediate and long-term changes that will propel your business into the next phase.

Once we’ve assessed your current business state and identified any roadblocks, we’ll start collaborating with you to refine your business – now and into the future.

In this phase, we will develop, implement and hold you accountable to a detailed strategic plan to:

  • Implement new tools and software,
  • Change your business structuring, if needed,
  • Implement new bookkeeping processes,
  • Revise your reporting processes,
  • Free up cash flow where possible,
  • Review and refine your business objectives, and
  • Refine your budgets and forecasting.

We find this works best when we work with you on a monthly or quarterly basis to continually review and update your plan and it also allows us to keep you accountable.

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