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Property Investment Accountants
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Owning an investment property is a dream-turned-reality for over 2 million lucky Australians, according to the ATO. But rental properties aren’t without their issues. On the surface, property seems like a relatively safe and simple investment option. Yet property tax can be complicated and, unbeknownst to some property owners, can also involve a significant amount of risk.

The larger your property portfolio, the more complicated your tax needs will be. If you’d like to minimise your tax it’s essential that your rental income accounting captures all the right details about your investment properties.

How Can a Property Accountant Help Me?

Having an experienced property accountant can help you minimise risk, make the right property investment decisions and manage your rental properties in a way that can help you maximise your wealth.

Our experienced property accountants can assist you to minimise your tax and can keep you up to date with property tax laws and regulations. They can help you maximise your current property investments faster than ever. But they can also help develop tax strategies which will allow you to invest in more property, if possible.

We can assist you to structure your property investment portfolio to best protect your assets, minimise risk, and produce greater income. Our in-depth experience and detail-oriented approach mean that we can find tax savings for everyone from first-time property investors to long-term property owners with large property portfolios.

Property Investment Accounting

Our property investment accounting services can assist you with:

  • Tax Planning & Property Investment Strategies. Learn to assess your projected gains and losses for your rental properties so you can reduce your tax burden and make the best financial decisions for your future.
  • Tax Returns. We can assist with your tax returns while incorporating your rental property income and losses on an ongoing basis. We’ll work to maximise your deductions and minimise your taxes wherever possible.
  • Consultation & Support. Need ongoing support and advice when it comes to property investment accounting? Do you have a large property portfolio to manage? No matter how complex your assets, we offer consulting and support services to assist you with your ongoing tax needs. We can provide advice on asset depreciation, positive and negative gearing, debt structuring and tax deductions.
  • Tax Services for Landlords. Accounting for landlords can be a complicated business, but we can assist you. Speak to us now to start preparing for tax time.

Whether you need a rental property accountant for your ongoing needs or you simply need some ad-hoc advice, we’d be happy to assist you.

If your property portfolio is owned through your business as a part of your wider corporate business investment strategy, your needs may be a little more complex. On the plus side, there may be tax benefits to unlock, with the help of our experienced team.

Reach out to our expert team of property accountants today.

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