We’d like to introduce our team. Accountants aren’t just all about numbers, you know (although we love those too).

Here are a few little things you might not know about our quirky team. This month we’re chatting with our director, Dean Coram.


What is your role at QC Accountants?



Where did you grow up?

In Hobart, Tasmania


Where did you last travel to?

New Zealand


What’s your dream holiday destination?



What is your ultimate meal?

That’s a tough one! Too hard to decide.


Are you reading anything right now? What is it?

A Short History of Nearly Everything by American-British author Bill Bryson and a lot

of children’s books for my kids.


Imagine you’re given an unexpected day off. What would you do?

I love playing the guitar, so I would sit and play music all day long.


Do you have any pet peeves?

Bad drivers!


Which superhero is the most underrated?

Not sure on this one…. maybe Batman?


What’s your favourite music?

Blues and classic rock


What’s your favourite thing to do at work?

Meeting new clients and having a chat about their life stories


What advice would you give to prospective QCA clients?

Have a written goal and a plan to get there. Get in touch to see how we can help you.