Christopher Henman

Christopher Henman


Meet You

Chris is not your stereo-typical accountant. He would much rather be talking and listening with his clients and building connections than preparing journal entries.

Chris has a passion for working closer with his clients and enjoys being taken on journeys throughout their lives. For many of Chris’ clients, there is not a clear separation between their business and personal lives, one definitely merges into the other when you run a small business.

So, it is important that they have a team in their corner that actively wants to work with them to make their business bigger, better and easier. There is no better feeling when a client tells Chris that he and his team has made a massive impact in their life.

Chris is a family man with a baby boy named Oliver, a dog named Harley and a hermit crab named Pebbles. He loves surfing and playing the guitar (mainly Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin), and could talk about surfing and 70’s music all day.

What's your favourite thing about working at QCA?

We have a great team. We proactively help each-other and have a lot of fun. Each member of our team genuinely wants to achieve the best result for our clients.

What made you interested in Accounting?

My interest in Accounting started in early high school and I was heavily influenced by my parents pushing me into a stable career. In truth, I think from early high school I knew I wanted to become an Accountant and I have well and truly achieved my goal!

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